2018 House Races

House Scoreboard
Good Dem
BaselineGood Rep
Toss Ups6

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Mid-Range Result: Each party wins their respective tilt & lean status races and the tossup races are not counted.
Good Turnout: A party with a good turnout wins the tossup races and the opposite party's tilts in addition to all other expected wins.

Not Running00
Toss Ups6

Extraordinary Dem Turnout232203
Extraordinary Rep Turnout187248
An extraordinary turnout assumes that one party wins the toss ups AND the other party's tilts and leans.
Scoreboard Exclusions

House Race Status Table
Strong DemLikely DemLean DemTilt DemToss UpTilt RepLean RepLikely RepStrong Rep
NY-26 PA-17 NJ-05 NV-03 WA-08 TX-07 NJ-11 NY-24 PA-09
MS-02 WI-03 MN-08 VA-10 NH-01 TX-23 PA-06 NC-02 OH-06
NJ-09 NY-03 FL-27 CA-39 NE-02 NY-19 MN-03 VA-05 OK-02
AZ-09 NY-18 FL-07 MN-02 NY-22 NJ-07 CA-50 WI-08
MA-08 NV-04 CA-49 FL-26 MN-01 GA-06 PA-16 NC-07
PA-01 NH-02 AZ-01 CO-06 NJ-02 MI-08 TX-32 TX-08
TX-18 MN-07 MI-11 KS-03 MT-00 UT-01
CA-26 IA-02 CA-48 PA-15 OH-01 AZ-04
CA-05 FL-13 CA-25 IA-03 IL-13 AZ-05
CA-44 CA-24 CA-10 KS-02 IL-14 AL-06
CA-37 CA-07 AZ-02 IA-01 GA-07 AK-00
CA-31 IL-12 FL-25 AL-05
AZ-03 IL-06 FL-18 AL-04
AZ-07 PA-07 NC-09 AL-03
NY-15 KY-06 NJ-03 SC-05
CA-06 PA-08 NC-13 AZ-06
OH-11 ME-02 NM-02 TN-07
CA-09 UT-04 OH-16 AZ-08
TX-20 CA-45 NY-01 TX-21
CA-12 PA-18 AR-01
WA-01 NY-11 WA-05
CA-13 VA-02 AR-02
MA-01 NY-23 NY-27
CA-14 VA-07 AR-03
MI-14 CA-21 ND-00
CA-15 AR-04
NJ-12 OH-12
CA-19 CA-01
NY-09 OR-02
CA-20 CA-04
NY-06 SC-01
CA-28 CA-08
NC-12 TN-02
CA-30 CA-22
OR-01 TX-03
CA-32 CA-23
RI-02 TX-13
CA-33 CA-42
TX-30 TX-26
CA-35 CO-03
VA-08 VA-06
CA-36 CO-04
WA-02 WI-01
CA-38 CO-05
MA-09 NY-02
CA-40 FL-01
MA-03 NC-05
CA-41 FL-02
MI-05 NC-10
CA-43 FL-03
MN-05 OH-04
CA-47 FL-04
MO-05 OH-08
CA-51 FL-06
NJ-06 OH-15
CA-52 FL-08
NM-03 OK-04
CA-29 FL-11
NY-16 PA-04
CA-27 FL-12
NY-04 PA-11
CA-46 FL-15
NY-10 SC-03
CA-16 FL-16
NY-20 SD-00
CA-53 FL-17
NC-04 TN-04
CA-11 FL-19
OH-13 TX-01
CA-18 GA-01
OR-05 TX-05
CA-03 GA-03
PA-02 TX-11
CA-34 GA-08
TN-09 TX-17
CA-02 GA-09
TX-35 TX-24
CA-17 GA-10
TX-09 TX-31
CO-02 GA-11
TX-34 UT-03
CO-07 GA-12
VA-03 WA-03
CO-01 GA-14
WA-07 WV-02
CT-02 ID-01
WI-02 WI-06
CT-01 ID-02
MA-05 AL-02
CT-03 IL-15
MA-04 NY-21
CT-05 IL-16
MA-02 NC-03
CT-04 IL-18
MA-06 NC-06
DE-00 IN-02
MI-12 NC-08
FL-14 IN-03
MI-09 NC-11
FL-10 IN-04
MI-13 OH-02
FL-22 IN-05
MN-04 OH-05
FL-05 IN-06
MO-01 OH-07
FL-09 IN-08
NV-01 OH-10
FL-23 IN-09
NJ-01 OH-14
FL-24 IA-04
NJ-08 OK-01
FL-21 KS-01
NJ-10 OK-03
FL-20 KS-04
NM-01 OK-05
GA-02 KY-01
NY-14 PA-03
GA-05 KY-02
NY-13 PA-05
GA-13 KY-04
NY-08 PA-10
GA-04 KY-05
NY-05 PA-12
HI-02 LA-01
NY-07 SC-02
HI-01 LA-03
NY-12 SC-04
IL-17 LA-04
NY-17 SC-07
IL-07 LA-05
NY-25 TN-01
IL-11 LA-06
NC-01 TN-03
IL-01 MD-01
OH-03 TN-06
IL-03 MI-01
OH-09 TN-08
IL-05 MI-02
OR-03 TX-02
IL-09 MI-03
OR-04 TX-04
IL-10 MI-04
PA-13 TX-06
IL-02 MI-06
PA-14 TX-10
IL-08 MI-07
RI-01 TX-12
IL-04 MI-10
SC-06 TX-14
IN-07 MN-06
TN-05 TX-19
IN-01 MS-01
TX-28 TX-22
KY-03 MS-03
TX-15 TX-25
LA-02 MS-04
TX-29 TX-27
ME-01 MO-02
TX-16 TX-36
MD-04 MO-03
TX-33 UT-02
MD-07 MO-04
VT-00 VA-01
MD-05 MO-06
VA-11 VA-09
MD-02 MO-07
VA-04 WA-04
MD-03 MO-08
WA-10 WV-01
MD-08 NE-01
WA-06 WV-03
MD-06 NE-03
WA-09 WI-05
MA-07 NV-02
WI-04 WI-07
AL-07 NJ-04
Incumbent Party
Recent status change
Pending primaries
Note: All races featuring an Independents candidate are included in the table above. Their side (Dem / Rep) is determined by which major party they usually caucus.
House Race Map