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Prior to his nationally televised interview last night, daily tracking showed that news of a second allegation against Brett Kavanaugh pushed his ratings to new lows. Among those following the story at least a bit, just 45% had a favorable opinion of the nominee.  His ratings among all voters are even lower.However, polling conducted on ......

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DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent StatusDate Changed
DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent StatusDate Changed
09-23-2018SenateTexasTexas (O'Rourke v Cruz)Likely RepLean Rep09-23-2018
09-22-2018SenateWest VirginiaWest Virginia (Manchin v Morrisey)Tilt DemLean Dem09-22-2018
09-21-2018GovernorColoradoColorado (Polis v Stapleton)Tilt DemLean Dem09-21-2018
09-21-2018GovernorMichiganMichigan (Whitmer v Schutte)Tilt DemLean Dem09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseColoradoCO-06Colorado - CO-06 (Crow v Coffman)Toss UpTilt Dem09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseFloridaFL-06Florida - FL-06 (Soderberg v Waltz)Strong RepLikely Rep09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseIowaIA-01Iowa - IA-01 (Finkenauer v Blum)Tilt DemLean Dem09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseMaineME-02Maine - ME-02 (Golden v Poliquin)Tilt RepToss Up09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-02Minnesota - MN-02 (Craig v Lewis)Toss UpTilt Dem09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-03Minnesota - MN-03 (Phillips v Paulsen)Toss UpTilt Dem09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseNew MexicoNM-02New Mexico - NM-02 (Small v Herrell)Lean RepToss Up09-21-2018
09-21-2018HouseNorth CarolinaNC-02North Carolina - NC-02 (Coleman v Holding)Likely RepLean Rep09-21-2018
09-19-2018HouseMissouriMO-02Missouri - MO-02 (Vanostran v Wagner)Strong RepLikely Rep09-07-2018
09-21-2018HouseNew YorkNY-27New York - NY-27 (McMurray v Collins)Likely RepLean Rep09-18-2018
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Despite enormous media coverage and intense discussions in official Washington, the allegations leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have had little impact on public opinion (so far).Before his confirmation hearings, a survey found that 48% of voters wanted their Senator to confirm Kavanaugh. After the hearings, but before the accusations, 52% favored confirmation. Now, after the accusations, that number is 49%.  Keep in mind that the poll has a 3-point margin of error.Today, 23% have a Very Favorable opinion ......