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AlabamaRunoffs (if necessary)2018-07-17
LouisianaFiling Deadline2018-07-20
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Just about every American election year is peppered with quotes from seemingly very serious people claiming that, for some reason, this is the most important election of our lifetime. This year, we’re also being told that the political battle to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy may be ...

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As of 10:00 a.m. on Friday, June 22, shows that the Democrats have a 24% chance of winning the U.S. Senate in November. The odds are determined by people placing bets for or against various election scenarios.Looking at the race-by-race assessment, the betting market sees the Republicans as ...

Recent Status Changes

DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent Status
DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent Status
06-28-2018SenateWisconsinWisconsin (Baldwin v TBD)Lean DemLikely Dem
07-10-2018HouseMontanaMT-00Montana - MT-00 (Williams v Gianforte)Likely RepLean Rep
07-10-2018HouseNew YorkNY-11New York - NY-11 (Rose v Donovan)Lean RepLikely Rep
07-10-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-16Pennsylvania - PA-16 (DiNicola v Kelly)Strong RepLikely Rep
07-10-2018HouseVirginiaVA-07Virginia - VA-07 (Spanberger v Brat)Lean RepTilt Rep
06-28-2018HouseVirginiaVA-10Virginia - VA-10 (Wexton v Comstock)Tilt DemLean Dem