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FloridaFiling Deadline2018-05-04
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If you want to understand where America is heading, a good place to start is with Mark Penn’s new book, Microtrends Squared. Penn came to fame in the 1990s as a pollster in the Clinton White House, later served as Chief Strategy Officer for Microsoft, and is now Chairman ...

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The United States was founded on noble ideals of freedom, self-governance, and equality. As a nation, of course, we've never fully lived up to those ideals. But striving for them has made us a better nation.One of the core practical challenges in living up to those ideals is the ...

Recent Status Changes

DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent Status
DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent Status
04-18-2018HouseWisconsinWI-01Wisconsin - WI-01 (TBD v TBD)Lean RepTilt Rep
04-15-2018SenateFloridaFlorida (Nelson v Scott)Tilt DemToss Up
04-15-2018GovernorAlaskaAlaska (Walker v TBD)Lean IndTilt Ind
04-15-2018GovernorMinnesotaMinnesota (TBD v TBD)Lean DemTilt Dem
04-15-2018GovernorRhode IslandRhode Island (Raimondo v TBD)Likely DemLean Dem
04-18-2018HouseKansasKS-02Kansas - KS-02 (TBD v TBD)Lean RepTilt Rep
04-18-2018HouseNevadaNV-04Nevada - NV-04 (TBD v TBD)Lean DemLikely Dem
04-18-2018HouseNew JerseyNJ-03New Jersey - NJ-03 (TBD v MacArthur)Strong RepLikely Rep