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The Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web column on Friday suggested that President Trump "has what might be called a likability gap and his party needs to give voters better answers on health care."As an example of what those better answers might look like, James Freeman's column highlighted our recent data showing that ......

Scott Rasmussen's Number of the Day

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Recent Status Changes

DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent StatusDate Changed
DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent StatusDate Changed
11-13-2018SenateArizonaArizona (Sinema v McSally)Toss UpStrong Dem11-13-2018
11-07-2018SenateFloridaFlorida (Nelson v Scott)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateIndianaIndiana (Donnelly v Braun)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateMinnesotaMinnesota (Smith v Housley)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateMissouriMissouri (McCaskill v Hawley)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateMontanaMontana (Tester v Rosendale)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateNevadaNevada (Rosen v Heller)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateNew JerseyNew Jersey (Menendez v Hugin)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateNorth DakotaNorth Dakota (Heitkamp v Cramer)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateOhioOhio (Brown v Renacci)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenatePennsylvaniaPennsylvania (Casey v Barletta)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateTennesseeTennessee (Bredesen v Blackburn)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateTexasTexas (O'Rourke v Cruz)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateWest VirginiaWest Virginia (Manchin v Morrisey)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018SenateWisconsinWisconsin (Baldwin v Vukmir)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorAlaskaAlaska (Begich v Dunleavy)Tilt RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorArizonaArizona (Garcia v Ducey)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorColoradoColorado (Polis v Stapleton)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorConnecticutConnecticut (Lamont v Stefanowski)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorFloridaFlorida (Gillum v DeSantis)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018GovernorGeorgiaGeorgia (Abrams v Kemp)Toss UpStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-07-2018GovernorIllinoisIllinois (Pritzker v Rauner)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorIowaIowa (Hubbell v Reynolds)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorKansasKansas (Kelly v Kobach)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorMaineMaine (Mills v Moody)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorMarylandMaryland (Jealous v Hogan)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorMichiganMichigan (Whitmer v Schutte)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorMinnesotaMinnesota (Walz v Johnson)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorNevadaNevada (Sisolak v Laxalt)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorNew HampshireNew Hampshire (Kelly v Sununu)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorNew MexicoNew Mexico (Grisham v Pearce)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorOhioOhio (Cordray v Dewine)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorOklahomaOklahoma (Edmondson v Stitt)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorOregonOregon (Brown v Buehler)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorPennsylvaniaPennsylvania (Wolf v Wagner)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorRhode IslandRhode Island (Raimondo v Fung)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorSouth DakotaSouth Dakota (Sutton v Noem)Tilt RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorTennesseeTennessee (Dean v Lee)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018GovernorWisconsinWisconsin (Evers v Walker)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseAlaskaAK-00Alaska - AK-00 (Galvin v Young)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseArizonaAZ-01Arizona - AZ-01 (O'Halleran v Rogers)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseArizonaAZ-02Arizona - AZ-02 (Kirkpatrick v Marquez Peterson)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseArizonaAZ-08Arizona - AZ-08 (Tipirneni v Lesko)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseArkansasAR-02Arkansas - AR-02 (Tucker v Hill)Lean RepStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-04California - CA-04 (Morse v McClintock)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-07California - CA-07 (Bera v Grant)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-10California - CA-10 (Harder v Denham)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-21California - CA-21 (Cox v Valadao)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-25California - CA-25 (Hill v Knight)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-39California - CA-39 (Cisneros v Kim)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-45California - CA-45 (Porter v Walters)Tilt DemStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-48California - CA-48 (Rouda v Rohrabacher)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-49California - CA-49 (Levin v Harkey)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-50California - CA-50 (Campa-Najjar v Hunter)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseColoradoCO-03Colorado - CO-03 (Mitsch Bush v Tipton)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseColoradoCO-06Colorado - CO-06 (Crow v Coffman)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-06Florida - FL-06 (Soderberg v Waltz)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-07Florida - FL-07 (Murphy v Miller)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-15Florida - FL-15 (Carlson v Spano)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-16Florida - FL-16 (Shapiro v Buchanan)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-18Florida - FL-18 (Baer v Mast)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-25Florida - FL-25 (Barzee Flores v Diaz-Balart)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-26Florida - FL-26 (Mucarsel-Powell v Curbelo)Tilt RepStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseFloridaFL-27Florida - FL-27 (Shalala v Salazar)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseGeorgiaGA-06Georgia - GA-06 (McBath v Handel)Likely RepStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseGeorgiaGA-07Georgia - GA-07 (Bourdeaux v Woodall)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIllinoisIL-06Illinois - IL-06 (Casten v Roskam)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIllinoisIL-12Illinois - IL-12 (Kelly v Bost)Tilt RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIllinoisIL-13Illinois - IL-13 (Londrigan v Davis)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIllinoisIL-14Illinois - IL-14 (Underwood v Hultgren)Lean RepStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIndianaIN-02Indiana - IN-02 (Hall v Walorski)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIowaIA-01Iowa - IA-01 (Finkenauer v Blum)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIowaIA-03Iowa - IA-03 (Axne v Young)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseIowaIA-04Iowa - IA-04 (Scholten v King)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseKansasKS-02Kansas - KS-02 (Davis v Watkins)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseKansasKS-03Kansas - KS-03 (Davids v Yoder)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseKentuckyKY-06Kentucky - KY-06 (McGrath v Barr)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseMichiganMI-06Michigan - MI-06 (Longjohn v Upton)Likely RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-08-2018HouseMichiganMI-07Michigan - MI-07 (Driskell v Walberg)Likely RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseMichiganMI-08Michigan - MI-08 (Slotkin v Bishop)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseMichiganMI-11Michigan - MI-11 (Stevens v Epstein)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-01Minnesota - MN-01 (Feehan v Hagedorn)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-02Minnesota - MN-02 (Craig v Lewis)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-03Minnesota - MN-03 (Phillips v Paulsen)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-07Minnesota - MN-07 (Peterson v Hughes)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-08Minnesota - MN-08 (Radinovich v Stauber)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseMissouriMO-02Missouri - MO-02 (Vanostran v Wagner)Likely RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseMontanaMT-00Montana - MT-00 (Williams v Gianforte)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseNebraskaNE-02Nebraska - NE-02 (Eastman v Bacon)Lean RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseNevadaNV-03Nevada - NV-03 (Lee v Tarkanian)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNevadaNV-04Nevada - NV-04 (Horsford v Hardy)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseNew HampshireNH-01New Hampshire - NH-01 (Pappas v Edwards)Lean DemStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew JerseyNJ-02New Jersey - NJ-02 (Van Drew v Grossman)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew JerseyNJ-05New Jersey - NJ-05 (Gottheimer v McCann)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew JerseyNJ-07New Jersey - NJ-07 (Malinowski v Lance)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew JerseyNJ-11New Jersey - NJ-11 (Sherrill v Webber)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseNew MexicoNM-02New Mexico - NM-02 (Small v Herrell)Toss UpStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew YorkNY-01New York - NY-01 (Gershon v Zeldin)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew YorkNY-11New York - NY-11 (Rose v Donovan)Lean RepStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew YorkNY-19New York - NY-19 (Delgado v Faso)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew YorkNY-22New York - NY-22 (Brindisi v Tenney)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew YorkNY-24New York - NY-24 (Balter v Katko)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseNew YorkNY-27New York - NY-27 (McMurray v Collins)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseNorth CarolinaNC-02North Carolina - NC-02 (Coleman v Holding)Lean RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-08-2018HouseNorth CarolinaNC-08North Carolina - NC-08 (McNeill v Hudson)Likely RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-08-2018HouseNorth CarolinaNC-09North Carolina - NC-09 (McCready v Harris)Toss UpStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseNorth CarolinaNC-13North Carolina - NC-13 (Manning v Budd)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseOhioOH-01Ohio - OH-01 (Pureval v Chabot)Lean RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseOhioOH-12Ohio - OH-12 (O'Connor v Balderson)Tilt RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseOhioOH-14Ohio - OH-14 (Rader v Joyce)Likely RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-08-2018HouseOklahomaOK-05Oklahoma - OK-05 (TBD v Russell)Likely RepStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-07-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-01Pennsylvania - PA-01 (Wallace v Fitzpatrick)Toss UpStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-05Pennsylvania - PA-05 (Scanlon v Kim)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-06Pennsylvania - PA-06 (Houlahan v McCauley)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-08-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-07Pennsylvania - PA-07 (Wild v Nothstein)Lean DemStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-08-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-08Pennsylvania - PA-08 (Cartwright v Chrin)Likely DemStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-07-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-10Pennsylvania - PA-10 (Scott v Perry)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-16Pennsylvania - PA-16 (DiNicola v Kelly)Likely RepStrong Rep11-08-2018
11-07-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-17Pennsylvania - PA-17 (Lamb v Rothfus)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseSouth CarolinaSC-01South Carolina - SC-01 (Cunningham v Arrington)Likely RepStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseTexasTX-07Texas - TX-07 (Fletcher v Culberson)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseTexasTX-21Texas - TX-21 (Kopser v Roy)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseTexasTX-23Texas - TX-23 (Jones v Hurd)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseTexasTX-31Texas - TX-31 (Hegar v Carter)Likely RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseTexasTX-32Texas - TX-32 (Allred v Sessions)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseUtahUT-04Utah - UT-04 (Mcadams v Love)Tilt RepStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseVirginiaVA-02Virginia - VA-02 (Luria v Taylor)Tilt RepStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseVirginiaVA-05Virginia - VA-05 (Cockburn v Riggleman)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseVirginiaVA-07Virginia - VA-07 (Spanberger v Brat)Toss UpStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseVirginiaVA-10Virginia - VA-10 (Wexton v Comstock)Lean DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseWashingtonWA-03Washington - WA-03 (Long v Herrera Beutler)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseWashingtonWA-05Washington - WA-05 (Brown v McMorris Rodgers)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-08-2018HouseWashingtonWA-08Washington - WA-08 (Schrier v Rossi)Tilt DemStrong Dem11-08-2018
11-07-2018HouseWest VirginiaWV-03West Virginia - WV-03 (Ojeda v Miller)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseWisconsinWI-01Wisconsin - WI-01 (Bryce v Steil)Lean RepStrong Rep11-07-2018
11-07-2018HouseWisconsinWI-03Wisconsin - WI-03 (Kind v Toft)Likely DemStrong Dem11-07-2018
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In the wake of Election 2018, analysts have delved deeply into a seemingly limitless supply of data points to explain the details of what happened. What role did suburban women play? Or the health care issue? Was there a Kavanaugh effect? The obsession with details may be causing us to miss the bigger picture of what’s going on. President Trump became the fourth consecutive president to win the presidency with his party in control of Congress and then lose control. ......

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Key races to watch on Election Day

Scott Rasmussen, editor-at-large for Ballotpedia, and Sean Trende, senior elections analyst at Real Clear Politics, on the countdown to the midterms.