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A USA Today headline reported that Bernie Sanders was the nation's most popular Senator and Mitch McConnell was the least popular. It was based on an extensive series of survey interviews conducted by Morning Consult. Each Senator was rated based upon popularity with the voters in their home state.I do not doubt the underlying ......

Scott Rasmussen's Number of the Day

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Recent Status Changes

DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent StatusDate Changed
DateTypeStateDistrictRacePrevious StatusCurrent StatusDate Changed
10-12-2018SenateTennesseeTennessee (Bredesen v Blackburn)Tilt RepLean Rep10-12-2018
10-14-2018HouseFloridaFL-27Florida - FL-27 (Shalala v Salazar)Lean DemTilt Dem10-14-2018
10-15-2018HouseIllinoisIL-14Illinois - IL-14 (Underwood v Hultgren)Lean RepTilt Rep10-15-2018
10-14-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-01Minnesota - MN-01 (Feehan v Hagedorn)Toss UpTilt Rep10-14-2018
10-14-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-08Minnesota - MN-08 (Radinovich v Stauber)Toss UpTilt Rep10-14-2018
10-15-2018HouseNevadaNV-03Nevada - NV-03 (Lee v Tarkanian)Lean DemTilt Dem10-15-2018
10-15-2018HouseNew JerseyNJ-11New Jersey - NJ-11 (Sherrill v Webber)Tilt DemLean Dem10-15-2018
10-15-2018HouseNorth CarolinaNC-13North Carolina - NC-13 (Manning v Budd)Tilt RepToss Up10-15-2018
10-12-2018SenateMichiganMichigan (Stabenow v James)Likely DemStrong Dem10-11-2018
10-12-2018SenateMontanaMontana (Tester v Rosendale)Lean DemTilt Dem10-04-2018
10-12-2018SenateNorth DakotaNorth Dakota (Heitkamp v Cramer)Toss UpTilt Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018GovernorAlaskaAlaska (Walker v Dunleavy)Tilt RepLikely Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018GovernorColoradoColorado (Polis v Stapleton)Lean DemTilt Dem10-12-2018
10-12-2018GovernorGeorgiaGeorgia (Abrams v Kemp)Lean RepTilt Rep10-12-2018
10-12-2018GovernorIllinoisIllinois (Pritzker v Rauner)Lean DemLikely Dem10-12-2018
10-12-2018GovernorIowaIowa (Hubbell v Reynolds)Tilt RepToss Up10-12-2018
10-12-2018GovernorKansasKansas (Kelly v TBD)Lean RepTilt Rep10-12-2018
10-12-2018GovernorOklahomaOklahoma (Edmondson v Stitt)Likely RepLean Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018GovernorSouth DakotaSouth Dakota (Sutton v Noem)Strong RepLikely Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018GovernorTennesseeTennessee (Dean v Lee)Lean RepLikely Rep10-12-2018
10-12-2018GovernorWisconsinWisconsin (Evers v Walker)Tilt RepToss Up10-12-2018
10-12-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-10California - CA-10 (Harder v Denham)Tilt RepToss Up10-03-2018
10-12-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-25California - CA-25 (Hill v Knight)Tilt RepToss Up10-03-2018
10-12-2018HouseCaliforniaCA-45California - CA-45 (Porter v Walters)Tilt RepToss Up10-03-2018
10-12-2018HouseColoradoCO-06Colorado - CO-06 (Crow v Coffman)Tilt DemLean Dem10-03-2018
10-12-2018HouseIllinoisIL-06Illinois - IL-06 (Casten v Roskam)Toss UpTilt Dem10-12-2018
10-12-2018HouseKansasKS-03Kansas - KS-03 (Davids v Yoder)Toss UpTilt Dem10-11-2018
10-12-2018HouseMichiganMI-08Michigan - MI-08 (Slotkin v Bishop)Tilt RepToss Up10-03-2018
10-12-2018HouseMichiganMI-11Michigan - MI-11 (Stevens v Epstein)Tilt DemLean Dem10-11-2018
10-12-2018HouseMinnesotaMN-02Minnesota - MN-02 (Craig v Lewis)Tilt DemLean Dem10-11-2018
10-12-2018HouseNevadaNV-04Nevada - NV-04 (Horsford v Hardy)Likely DemLean Dem10-12-2018
10-12-2018HouseNorth CarolinaNC-02North Carolina - NC-02 (Coleman v Holding)Tilt RepLean Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018HouseOhioOH-12Ohio - OH-12 (O'Connor v Balderson)Tilt RepLean Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-01Pennsylvania - PA-01 (Wallace v Fitzpatrick)Tilt RepToss Up10-03-2018
10-14-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-07Pennsylvania - PA-07 (Wild v Nothstein)Tilt DemLean Dem10-03-2018
10-12-2018HousePennsylvaniaPA-10Pennsylvania - PA-10 (Scott v Perry)Likely RepLean Rep10-03-2018
10-12-2018HouseTexasTX-32Texas - TX-32 (Allred v Sessions)Tilt RepToss Up10-11-2018
10-12-2018HouseUtahUT-04Utah - UT-04 (Mcadams v Love)Lean RepTilt Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018HouseVirginiaVA-02Virginia - VA-02 (Luria v Taylor)Toss UpTilt Rep10-11-2018
10-12-2018HouseWest VirginiaWV-03West Virginia - WV-03 (Ojeda v Miller)Tilt RepLean Rep10-11-2018
Scotts Columns

In the wake of the politically toxic dialogue of recent weeks, it’s refreshing to note that 63% of voters recognize that American society is not as polarized as American politics. Most understand that who we are as individuals and communities is much more than our political affiliation or ideology. Still, the impact of our broken political system spills over into society-at-large and creates a variety of social challenges. Four-out-of-five voters have a close friend or a family member from the ......