2018 House Race: Pennsylvania District: PA-04 ( Madeleine Dean v Dan David )

CURRENT STATUS: Pending General Election

Race Status

Strong Dem
INCUMBENT PARTY: Dem last updated: 09-10-2018
Key Dates
Filing Deadline: 03/06/2018
Primaries: 05/15/2018
General Election: 11/06/2018

Race Status History
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Democratic Candidate

Dem Candidate

Madeleine Dean

WINNER: Madeleine Dean (Share of Vote: 74.00% )
Shira Goodman (Share of Vote: 14.76% )
Joe Hoeffel (Share of Vote: 11.24%)

Rep Candidate

Republican Candidate
WINNER: Dan David (Share of Vote: Unopposed )

Pundit Opinions

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Strong DemStrong DemStrong DemStrong DemStrong Dem

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