2018 Gubernatorial Races

Gubernatorial Scoreboard
Good Dem
Baseline Good Rep
Dem 23 23 23
Rep 27 27 27
Toss Ups 0

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Mid-Range Result: Each party wins their respective tilt & lean status races and the tossup races are not counted.
Good Turnout: A party with a good turnout wins the tossup races and the opposite party's tilts in addition to all other expected wins.

Not Running 7 7
Toss Ups 0
Tilts 0 0
Leans 0 0
Likelies 0
Strongs 16 20

Extraordinary Dem Turnout 23 27
Extraordinary Rep Turnout 23 27
An extraordinary turnout assumes that one party wins the toss ups AND the other party's tilts and leans.
Scoreboard Exclusions

Gubernatorial RaceWatch
Status Changes This Week (24)
Alaska (Begich v Dunleavy)   Tilt Rep ⇒ Strong Rep
Arizona (Garcia v Ducey)   Likely Rep ⇒ Strong Rep
Colorado (Polis v Stapleton)   Lean Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Connecticut (Lamont v Stefanowski)   Tilt Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Florida (Gillum v DeSantis)   Toss Up ⇒ Strong Rep
Georgia (Abrams v Kemp)   Toss Up ⇒ Strong Rep
Illinois (Pritzker v Rauner)   Likely Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Iowa (Hubbell v Reynolds)   Toss Up ⇒ Strong Rep
Kansas (Kelly v Kobach)   Toss Up ⇒ Strong Dem
Maine (Mills v Moody)   Tilt Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Maryland (Jealous v Hogan)   Likely Rep ⇒ Strong Rep
Michigan (Whitmer v Schutte)   Lean Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Minnesota (Walz v Johnson)   Lean Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Nevada (Sisolak v Laxalt)   Toss Up ⇒ Strong Dem
New Hampshire (Kelly v Sununu)   Lean Rep ⇒ Strong Rep
New Mexico (Grisham v Pearce)   Lean Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Ohio (Cordray v Dewine)   Toss Up ⇒ Strong Rep
Oklahoma (Edmondson v Stitt)   Lean Rep ⇒ Strong Rep
Oregon (Brown v Buehler)   Tilt Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Pennsylvania (Wolf v Wagner)   Likely Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
Rhode Island (Raimondo v Fung)   Lean Dem ⇒ Strong Dem
South Dakota (Sutton v Noem)   Tilt Rep ⇒ Strong Rep
Tennessee (Dean v Lee)   Likely Rep ⇒ Strong Rep
Wisconsin (Evers v Walker)   Toss Up ⇒ Strong Dem
Gubernatorial Race Status Table
Strong Dem Likely Dem Lean Dem Tilt Dem Toss Up Tilt Rep Lean Rep Likely Rep Strong Rep
California Alabama
Colorado Alaska
Connecticut Arizona
Hawaii Arkansas
Illinois Florida
Kansas Georgia
Maine Idaho
Michigan Iowa
Minnesota Maryland
Nevada Massachusetts
New Mexico Nebraska
New York New Hampshire
Oregon Ohio
Pennsylvania Oklahoma
Rhode Island South Carolina
Wisconsin South Dakota
Incumbent Party
Status change this week
Pending primaries
Pending runoff
Note: All races featuring an Independents candidate are included in the table above. Their side (Dem / Rep) is determined by which major party they usually caucus.
Interactive Gubernatorial Race Map

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