2018 House Race: Texas District: TX-06 ( Jana Lynne Sanchez v Ronald Wright )


Race Status

RESULT: Ronald Wright (Rep)

Strong Rep
INCUMBENT PARTY: Rep last updated: 10-15-2018
Key Dates
Filing Deadline: 12/11/2017
Primaries: 03/06/2018
Runoffs: 05/22/2018
General Election: 11/06/2018

Race Status History
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Democratic Candidate

Dem Candidate

Jana Lynne Sanchez

WINNER: Jana Lynne Sanchez (Share of Vote: 53.12% )
Ms. Ruby Faye Woolridge
Share of Vote: 46.88%

John Duncan
Levii Shocklee II
Justin Snider
Ms. Ruby Faye Woolridge (Share of Vote: 46.88% )

Rep Candidate

Republican Candidate
Ronald Wright

WINNER: Ronald Wright (Share of Vote: 52.17% )
Jake Ellzey
Share of Vote: 47.83%

Ken Cope
Shawn Dandridge
Thomas Dillingham
Shannon Dubberly
Deborah Gangliardi
Kevin Harrison
Mel Hassell
Mark Mitchell
Troy Ratterree

Pundit Opinions

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Strong RepLikely RepLikely RepStrong RepStrong Rep

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Current House Scoreboard
2018 District TX-06 Data Card
TX-06 Demographics
Demographic District State Nation
Gender 51% Female 49.6% Male
50.4% Female
51% Female
Race/Ethnicity 50% White
22% Hispanic
20% African American
5% Asian
42.6% White/Caucasian
36.8% White/Hispanic
12.6% Black/African American
61% White
18% Hispanic
12% Black
5% Asian
2% Two or More
1% Native
Language Other than Eng at Home 22.2% 35.0% 21.1%
High School Grad Rate 88.2% 82.9% 87.5%
College Grad Rate 28.8% 28.9% 31.3%
Per Capita Income $29,087 $28,714 $31,128
Median Age 35.2 34.5 37.9
Population 770,255 27862596 325.7 mil
Square Miles 2,148.60 261250 3,796,742
Population per SqMi 1358.50 1106.7 185.8
People per Household 2.9 2.9 2.7
Foreign Born 13.5% 17.0% 13.5%
Veteran 7.1% 7.1% 7.4%
Geographic Mobility 15.8% 15.9% 14.6%
Note: All area related stats do NOT include bodies of water.

Data Credits
District/State/National: www.censusreporter.org
State: www.census.gov
State/Miscellaneous: BALLOTPEDIA State Profile
TX-06 Voting History
Presidential Voting Percentages
Year Clinton Trump Margin
2016 41.9 54.2 -12.3
Year Obama Romney Margin
2012 40.8 57.9 -17.1
Year Obama McCain Margin
2008 42.3 57.1 -14.8

House Voting Percentages
Year DEM REP Margin
2016 39.0 58.3 -19.3
2014 36.4 61.1 -24.7
2012 40.3 59.7 -19.4

Show National Voting Statistics

National Presidential Voting Percentages
Year Clinton Trump Margin
2016 48.4 46.3 +2.1
Year Obama Romney Margin
2012 51.1 47.3 +3.8
Year Obama McCain Margin
2008 53 45.7 +7.3

National House Voting Percentages
Year DEM REP Margin
2016 48 49.1 -1.1
2014 45.7 51.4 -5.7
2012 50.6 49.4 +1.2
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