36% Would Turn In Neighbors for Violating Social Distancing Rules

What do you do if your neighbor has 15-20 people over and it’s in violation of stay-at-home orders? A JustTheNews.com survey found that 36% of voters would report their neighbors to the police. Forty-three percent (43%) would not. 

Suburban and Urban voters are evenly divided on the question. However, by a 53% to 28% margin, rural voters would not report their neighbors.

There is a huge partisan difference. By a 44% to 31% margin, a plurality of Democrats would turn their neighbors in. By a 60% to 25% margin, Republicans would not. Independents are evenly divided.

Women are also evenly divided. Men, by a 51% to 32% margin, would not report their neighbors to the police.

See crosstab results.

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