34% Favor National Health Care System That Eliminates Private Health Insurance

Just 34% of voters favor a national health care system that replaces private insurance companies. A Scott Rasmussen national poll found that 54% are opposed to such a plan. Those totals included 14% who Strongly Favor the approach and 38% who are Strongly Opposed.

Seventy-three percent (73%) of Republicans are opposed along with most (54%) Independent voters. However, by a 48% to 39% margin, Democrats lean in favor of the concept.

It’s important to note that most voters (53%) favor the vague concept of a national health care system. Just 37% are opposed.

However, support falls significantly when the possibility of banning private health insurance is mentioned. One reason for this is that 66% of voters rate their current health insurance coverage as good or excellent. Seventy-two percent (72%) are just as upbeat about the medical care they personally receive. Given these realities, it is very difficult to see how any plan that forces people to give up their current insurance will be politically viable.

The survey of 1,200 Registered Voters was conducted by Scott Rasmussen using a mixed mode approach from April 2-5, 2020. Field work for the survey was conducted by RMG Research, Inc. Most respondents were contacted online while 198 were contacted using automated phone polling techniques. Certain quotas were applied to the overall sample and lightly weighted by geography, gender, age, race, and political party to reasonably reflect the nation’s population of Registered Voters. Other variables were reviewed to ensure that the final sample is representative of that population.











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