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Back when I was a pollster, I often pointed out that following the ups and downs of daily polls is a bit like watching a heavy rain fall on a river. There’s a lot of splashing and noise to grab your attention but it doesn’t really tell you all that much. Beneath the surface, however, you wouldn’t even know it’s raining. Instead, there’s a deep current guiding the river steadily forward.
The same is true of America. The splashing and noise of daily events and polls can certainly be entertaining. But if you want to know where the nation is heading, you need to explore the deeper currents of public opinion. That’s what I’ll be doing in this space.
Naturally, since the site will focus on Election 2018 and other political matters, there will be comments about daily events in the nation, in official Washington, and on the campaign trail. Sometimes it can be fun or interesting just to watch the rain splashing on the river’s surface.
But the primary purpose of this blog shall be to explore the deeper currents driving our nation forward. And, those currents are moving America in the direction of our noble founding ideals: liberty, equality, and self-governance.
What happens in the world of politics often runs counter to these ideals. That’s why I am extremely pessimistic about America’s political system. But because I know the deeper currents of American society matter more than political gamesmanship, I remain very optimistic about the future of our nation.
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