Voters Desire for Outsider with Experience

On a fun segment for Hill.TV’s What’s America Thinking,  a Monmouth University Poll was highlighted showing that people wanted an outsider but also someone with experience. When asked if voters were being contradictory, my response was essentially that it’s more about nuance than contradiction.  “They want somebody who has that outsider’s attitude, who remembers the folks back home, who remembers what it was like to be an outsider,” he continued. “But they also want somebody who can hit the ground running and get something done because they’ve seen too many people get elected without experience who do nothing.”

While some in DC like to think of voters as foolish and inconsistent, I have great faith in the common sense wisdom of the American people. If there appears to be an inconsistency in data, my assumption is that the problem is more likely to be among those analyzing the data rather than the voter responses.

At another point in our discussion, I noted how, in this polarized political atmosphere, it will be very difficult for the president’s job approval to top 50%. At, we currently show the president’s approval at 46%.

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