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On August 6, in partnership with HarrisX, began surveying 1,000 Registered Voters five nights a week. Today, we are pleased to release our first batch of data from that survey project.

Today’s data includes our first Generic Congressional Ballot release (showing Democrats with a 6-point edge), the President’s Job Approval (47%), and Trust in Government (18% Trust the Federal Government most of the time). We will be updating these results weekly during our launch phase but will move to a daily release schedule in mid-September.

We have also released data showing that  38% Believe Congress Too Conservative (and 34% say too liberal). These items will be updated roughly once a month. More data will be released as the day unfolds. will release 4-8 daily stories exploring both the political environment and the underlying values and beliefs of the American people. That means everything from self-driving cars and belief in God to impeachment and immigration. At the moment, our first release each morning is slated for 7:00 a.m. Eastern Time. New data will be added every couple of hours.

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