Thankful for 2018, Looking Forward to 2019

Despite the failures of our toxic political system, Americans are pretty optimistic about the coming year. At, we share that optimism and look forward to providing an expanded range of services in the 2019. Details of the new services will be released in the coming weeks and months.

For the moment, however, I just wanted to express my thanks for your interest in our work.

It was just this past August when I returned to polling after sitting out for five years. I was fortunate to establish a great working relationship with our polling partners at HarrisX. We worked through a crazy midterm election season and were able to provide our followers with a good indication of what was likely to happen on Election Night.

There has, of course, been occasional confusion. Some media outlets incorrectly reported that I was working with Harris Interactive, a separate firm from HarrisX. Other comments along the way suggested that my firm and HarrisX were the same. Still others confused my work with the polling company I left more than five years ago. However, as time goes on, these misunderstandings will get sorted out.

It was also a pleasure to continue working with Ballotpedia, the encyclopedia of American politics. Writing the Number of the Day has been a fun way to explore interesting and newsworthy topics at the intersection of culture, politics, and technology.

And, our partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting has enabled the Number of the Day to be aired on more than 75 television stations around the country. New broadcast partners will be added in the new year.



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