2018 Senate Race: State: Virginia ( Tim Kaine v Corey Stewart )


Race Status

RESULT: Tim Kaine (Dem)

Strong Dem
INCUMBENT PARTY: Dem last updated: 10-15-2018
Key Dates
Filing Deadline: 03/29/2018
Primaries: 06/12/2018
General Election: 11/06/2018

Race Status History
current week ↑ 

Democratic Candidate

Dem Incumbent

WINNER: Tim Kaine (Share of Vote: Unopposed )

Rep Candidate

Republican Candidate
Corey Stewart

WINNER: Corey Stewart (Share of Vote: 44.86% )
Nick Freitas (Share of Vote: 43.12% )
E.W. Jackson (Share of Vote: 12.02%)

Pundit Opinions

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Strong DemStrong DemStrong DemStrong DemStrong Dem

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Current Senate Scoreboard
Bottom Line

Senator Kaine thought he would be Vice-President of the United States at this time. Instead, he’s a solid favorite for re-election to the Senate. He’s got more than $9 million cash on hand and had to be encouraged by the Democratic turnout in the 2017 Governor’s race. A big margin of victory by Kaine could boost the Dems in both Congressional and state legislative races.

2018 Virginia Data Card
Virginia Demographics
Demographic State Nation
Gender 49.2% Male
50.8% Female
51% Female
Race/Ethnicity 62.4% White/Caucasian
19.8% Black/African American
7.6% White/Hispanic
61% White
18% Hispanic
12% Black
5% Asian
2% Two or More
1% Native
Language Other than Eng at Home 15.4% 21.1%
High School Grad Rate 89.3% 87.5%
College Grad Rate 38.1% 31.3%
Per Capita Income $36,206 $31,128
Unemployment 3.8% 4.1
Median Age 38.2 37.9
Population 8411808 325.7 mil
Square Miles 39491.7 3,796,742
Population per SqMi 1213 185.8
People per Household 2.6 2.7
Foreign Born 12.3% 13.5%
Veteran 10.4% 7.4%
Geographic Mobility 15.7% 14.6%
Data Credits
State: www.census.gov
State/Miscellaneous: BALLOTPEDIA State Profile