2018 Senate Race: State: Pennsylvania ( Bob Casey v Lou Barletta )


Race Status

RESULT: Bob Casey (Dem)

Strong Dem
INCUMBENT PARTY: Dem last updated: 10-15-2018
Key Dates
Filing Deadline: 03/06/2018
Primaries: 05/15/2018
General Election: 11/06/2018

Race Status History
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Democratic Candidate

Dem Incumbent

Bob Casey Jr

WINNER: Bob Casey Jr (Share of Vote: Unopposed )


Rep Incumbent

Republican Candidate
Lou Barletta

WINNER: Lou Barletta (Share of Vote: 61.57% )
Jim Christiana (Share of Vote: 38.43%)

Pundit Opinions

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Current Senate Scoreboard
Bottom Line

President Trump endorsed Rep. Lou Barletta in the Republican primary, calling him “one of my earliest supporters.” He added that the Congressman “Voted for Tax Cuts, unlike Bob Casey, who listened to Tax Hikers Pelosi and Schumer!” However, despite the president’s Pennsylvania victory in 2016, the Keystone State remains an uphill battle for the GOP. Incumbent Senator Bob Casey is favored but will have to work at keeping his job.

2018 Pennsylvania Data Card
Pennsylvania Demographics
Demographic State Nation
Gender 49.0% Male
51.0% Female
51% Female
Race/Ethnicity 77.0% White/Caucasian
11.8% Black/African American
5.4% White/Hispanic
61% White
18% Hispanic
12% Black
5% Asian
2% Two or More
1% Native
Language Other than Eng at Home 11.3% 21.1%
High School Grad Rate 90.1% 87.5%
College Grad Rate 30.8% 31.3%
Per Capita Income $31,272 $31,128
Unemployment 4.9% 4.1
Median Age 40.6 37.9
Population 12784227 325.7 mil
Square Miles 44742.9 3,796,742
Population per SqMi 1285.7 185.8
People per Household 2.5 2.7
Foreign Born 6.8% 13.5%
Veteran 7.8% 7.4%
Geographic Mobility 12.9% 14.6%
Data Credits
State: www.census.gov
State/Miscellaneous: BALLOTPEDIA State Profile