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Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson

WNWO (Toledo, OH) – A Full Measure poll by Scott found 42% of Americans believe national political news coverage is inaccurate & unreliable.


Job Acceptance Goes Beyond a Paycheck

WPMI (Mobile, AL) – 85% of voters would take a pay cut to do something they enjoy or believe in; 10% said they wouldn’t take less pay.


Number of the Day: 10%

KTVO (Ottumwa, IA) – 10% of American adults do not use the internet or go online, a dramatic decline from 48% in the year 2000 and 24% in 2010.


Should Trump Be Impeached?

WKEF (Dayton, OH) – Following the release of the redacted Mueller Report, 42% believe the president should be impeached and removed from office.


Number of the Day: 53%

KAEF (Eureka, CA) – 53% of voters nationwide fear that automation and robots will eliminate needed jobs and create mass unemployment.


Number of the Day: 5,994

WCIV (Charleston, SC) – So far in 2019, U.S. retailers have announced 5,994 store closures; that’s more than the total for all of last year (5,864).


Number of the Day: $5.6 Million

WZTV (Nashville, TN) – The U.S Air Force invests $5.6 million to train an F-16 fighter pilot and $10.9 million to train an F-22 fighter pilot.


Number of the Day: 45%

KOMO (Seattle, WA) – A national survey found that 45% of voters say social media platforms have been a good thing for the U.S.


Next Week: Closer Look at Media Madness

KMTR (Eugene, OR) – Next week on Full Measure, Scott Rasmussen analyzes the current media madness and public trust in the news industry.


Number of the Day: 74%

WLUK (Green Bay, WI) – 74% of American adults will celebrate Easter this Sunday, with 47% doing so primarily as a religious holiday.

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