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Number of the Day: 24%

KEYE (Austin, TX) – Just 24% of voters nationwide believe it is possible for Americans to have any sense of genuine privacy in the digital era.


Number of the Day: 78%

KECI (Missoula, MT) – 78% of voters believe it’s appropriate for the U.S. Census Bureau to ask residents if they are citizens of the United States.


New Polling on National Emergency

WBFF (Baltimore, MD) – Scott discusses new polling regarding the president’s decision to declare a national emergency in order to build border wall.


Number of the Day: 4

WJLA (Washington, D.C.) – Four states require companies to provide employees with paid family leave benefits.


Number of the Day: 10

KOMO (Seattle, WA) – 10 years ago, CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli gave on-air commentary, launching the tea party movement.


Immigration & Culture Go Hand-in-Hand

(CIRCA) – Scott Rasmussen examines how Americans feel about the effect that immigration has on culture in the United States.


Number of the Day: 90%

KAEF (Eureka, CA) – As we celebrate Presidents Day, 90% of Americans have a favorable opinion of President Abraham Lincoln.


Number of the Day: 46.7 Billion

WBFF (Baltimore, MD) – For the academic year ending last June, U.S. colleges and universities received a total of $46.73 billion in donations.


Losing Touch with Loved Ones?

(CIRCA) – Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Americans say they have a close relative who they didn’t speak to in 2018.


Number of the Day: 51%

KHQA (Quincy, IL) – 51% of American adults will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. That’s down from 55% last year.

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