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Number of the Day: 77%

WSTM (Syracuse, NY) – In terms of their own personal life, 77% of voters expect 2019 will be a good or excellent year.


Number of the Day: 25%

KATU (Portland, OR) – Twenty-five percent of Americans expect to be asleep at midnight for the start of 2019.


Number of the Day: 30%

KUTV (Salt Lake City, UT) – Americans will spend 30% of their income on taxes this year. That’s more than food, clothing, & housing expenses combined.


Number of the Day: 19

WPDE (Myrtle Beach, SC) – Nineteen of the 20 most expensive ZIP codes in the United States are located in California.


Number of the Day: 7

FOX26 (Fresno, CA) – Netflix led the way as seven of the top 10 iPhone and iPad apps were video streaming or sharing services in 2018.


Number of the Day: 46 Million

WICD (Champaign, IL) – The TSA estimates that 46 million Americans will travel by plane this holiday season. That’s up 5% from a year ago.


Number of the Day: 50

KFOX (El Paso, TX) – 50 years ago today, Apollo 8 began a six-day mission to leave the earth’s gravitational field and travel to the moon.


Number of the Day: 20%

WGME (Portland, ME) – 20% get their news via social media. The number who get news from print newspapers continued its decline, falling to 16%.


Number of the Day: 900 million

KATV (Little Rock, AR) – Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s this year, the USPS will ship 900 million packages & 15 billion pieces of first-class mail.


Number of the Day: 0.4%

WPEC (West Palm Beach, FL) – 0.4% of the workforce earn the federal minimum wage.

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