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Number of the Day: 25 MPH

WUHF (Rochester, NY) – Self-driving vehicles traveling 25 mph may soon be delivering groceries and retail products along sidewalks & local roads.


Americans Say Life Exists Outside Earth

(CIRCA) – 37% of Americans, nearly four out of 10, believe it’s very likely there’s life somewhere else in the galaxy.


More Older people believe there’s a God

(CIRCA) – 58% of Americans are absolutely certain that God exists, while 8% are absolutely certain that God does not exist.


Do people still care about space?

(CIRCA) – It’s been 50 years since humans first walked on the moon. According to Scott, younger generations are eager to get back into space.


Number of the Day: 51%

KSNV (Las Vegas, NV) – In Nevada, 51% of state legislators are women. It’s the first time in US history that women have held the majority of seats in any state legislature.


Number of the Day: 180,000

WGXA (Macon, GA) – Over the next few days, more than 180,000 visitors will attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


Number of the Day: 32%

WLUK (Green Bay, WI) – Just 32% of voters believe Congress will successfully address the major issues facing the nation before the 2020 election.


Number of the Day: 0.62%

WJLA (Washington, D.C.) – The U.S. population grew by just 0.62% in 2018, the smallest growth rate since 1937.


Number of the Day: 65%

KRCG (Columbia, MO) – 65% of voters agree that just about all positive change in America begins outside of the political system.


Number of the Day: 62%

KTVO (Ottumwa, IA) – 62% of all Americans say they’d prefer to run their own business rather than work for someone else.

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