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Number of the Day: 23%

KTVM (Butte, MT) – Just 23% of voters actually think their own representative in Congress is the best person for the job.


Is Technology Making Us More Lonely?

WCHS (Charleston, WV) – Technology is supposed to connect us to one another, but is it actually making us more lonely?


Number of the Day: $7.2 Billion

WCYB (Tri-Cities, TN) – It will cost $7.2 billion to build a private railroad service that will connect Las Vegas to southern California and Orlando to Tampa.


Florida’s Presidential Approval Ratings

WPEC (West Palm Beach, FL) – President Trump’s overall approval rating in Florida shows massive 19 point gender gap in the results.


Number of the Day: 13%

WWMT (Grand Rapids, MI) – Thirteen percent (13%) of voters believe that governing is the responsibility of government alone.


Number of the Day: $5.25 million

WHP-HAR (Harrisburg, PA) – A 30-second spot during Super Bowl LIII will cost advertisers $5.25 million, or $175,000 a second.


Do Americans Still Like the Super Bowl?

WSMH (Flint, MI) – With controversies like concussions and kneeling during the national anthem, will the NFL stay relevant with Americans?


Number of the Day: 14.7 Million

WPEC (West Palm Beach, FL) – A total of 14.7 million workers belong to a labor union in the United States. That represents 10.5% of all workers.


Number of the Day: 4

WSET (Roanoke, VA) – 4 senators will be seeking re-election in states carried by the opposing party in the last presidential election.


Americans Keep Officials Accountable

(CIRCA) – Would you rather live in a state where everyone can vote but you can never leave or a state without voting but the option to move freely?

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