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Voters Say Eliminate Electoral College

KABB (San Antonio, TX) – According to a survey, 55% of voters want the president picked by the popular vote


Number of the Day: 63%

KBFF (Baltimore, MD) – A survey found that 63% of small business owners rate the economy as good or excellent.


Number of the Day: $148 Billion

KVII (Amarillo, TX) – Immigrants in the United States sent $148 billion to individuals in their home country during 2017.


Number of the Day: 107

KRCR (Chico/Redding, CA) – The Titanic departed from Southampton, England, on its ill-fated voyage to New York 107 years ago today, April 10, 1912.


Number of the Day: 52%

KTVM (Butte, MT) – Today, 52% of voters favor repealing the 16th Amendment to end the federal income tax.


Number of the Day: 7

WCTI  (Greenville, NC) – April 15th is next Monday which means there are just 7 days left to finish your federal income tax filings this year.


Practical Work Skills Take Priority

KABB (San Antonio, TX) – A slight majority of Americans believe students would benefit from working a full-time job before attending college.


Number of the Day: $300,000

KOKH (Oklahoma City, OK) – For the first time ever, the median asking price for a new home in the United States reached the $300,000 mark.


Number of the Day: 43%

WGME (Portland, ME) – A recent Scott Rasmussen poll found that 43% of basketball fans believe the Michigan State Spartans will win the NCAA title.


Number of the Day: $1.8 Trillion

WPBN (Traverse City, MI) – During the first five fiscal months of 2019, the federal government spent $1.8 trillion — the highest total in a decade.

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