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Number of the Day: 50.2 Million

WKRC (Cincinnati, OH) – The American music industry earned $5.4 billion in revenue from 50.2 million paid music subscriptions in 2018.


Number of the Day: 46

WCHS (Charleston, WV) – Forty-six Electoral College votes are currently rated as toss-ups for the 2020 election.


Companies Cutting Corners for Profit?

(CIRCA) – For any business, the ultimate goal is to maximize profits. However, that can put companies at odds with the needs of consumers.


Number of the Day: 50%

KSNV (Las Vegas, NV) – 50% of voters today believe the rights we enjoy as Americans were given to us by the government and the Constitution.


Green New Deal Unknown By Most

KABB (San Antonio, TX) – Just 23% of voters are voters are following news of the Green New Deal somewhat closely while 39% have never heard of it.


Number of the Day: 3

WSBT (South Bend, IN) – Three states—Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi—will be electing governors in 2019.


Number of the Day: 2,036,296

WBMA (Birmingham, AL) – Twenty-eight companies actively tested 467 self-driving vehicles on public roads in California last year.


Is Privacy Possible in the Digital Era?

(CIRCA) – Twenty-four percent (24%) of voters nationwide believe it’s now possible to have genuine privacy in the digital area.


Number of the Day: 37.1%

WTTE (Columbus, OH) – Americans spent a total of $469 million on downloaded audiobooks during 2018. That’s a 37.1% increase over the year before.


Number of the Day: 54%

WCIV (Charleston, SC) – For the first time, digital advertising is expected to pass traditional ads & account for 54% of all advertising in 2019.

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