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Number of the Day: $8.5 Billion

KBFX (Bakersfield, CA) – American sports fans are poised to bet $8.5 billion on March Madness this spring, the average bet being $181 per person.


60% of Voters Approve of SCOTUS

WGFL (Gainesville, FL) – 60% of voters approve of the way the Supreme Court is doing its job. Only 42% like the idea of expanding SCOTUS.


Number of the Day: 76.2%

WTTE (Columbus, OH) – The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 76.2% of all businesses in the United States pay taxes but have no employees.


Scott Talks March Madness & Politics

KBOI (Boise, ID) – Scott discusses a recent poll showing which candidate running for the Democratic nomination has the early lead.


Number of the Day: 40%

KRCG (Columbia, MO) – Forty percent (40%) of Democrats say it is not possible for them to like and respect someone who supports President Trump.


Pulse of America: Is “MAGA” Racist?

WTGS (Savannah, GA) – Only 18% of registered voters say they assume anyone wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) hat is racist.


Number of the Day: 4.9%

KTUL (Tulsa, OK) – In the mid-1990s, 6.3% of American workers had two or more jobs. Today, that number has lessened to 4.9%.


Number of the Day: 5,6213

WDSI (Chattanooga, TN) – The United States has 56,213 military personnel permanently stationed in Japan.


Number of the Day: 1

WGXA (Macon, GA) – The last existing Blockbuster store is located in Bend, Oregon. The next-to-last store closes later this month in Perth, Australia.


Number of the Day: 77%

KGBT (Harlingen, TX) – Seventy-seven percent (77%) of voters believe that America’s political system is badly broken.

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