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Number of the Day: 31%

KATV (Little Rock, AR) – 31% of adults nationwide believe the U.S. economy is getting better, while 34% believe the economy is getting worse.


Number of the Day: 69%

WGXA (Macon, GA) – 69% of voters want the federal government to speed up the application process for people trying to enter the U.S. legally.


Number of the Day: 20%

WTOV (Wheeling, WV) – Twenty percent (20%) of all voters have had an online telemedicine visit; that’s up from 15% in May and 13% a year ago.


Number of the Day: 80%

KABB (San Antonio, TX) – 80% of American adults believe it is good for high school students to have a part-time job after school and on weekends.


VOTERS: Trump Will Likely Be Reelected

KRCR (Chico/Redding, CA) – 63% of voters nationwide say it’s somewhat likely that Trump will be successful in next year’s campaign.


Number of the Day: 6%

KOMO (Seattle, WA) – Before buying products or services from a company, 6% of voters say they almost always research the CEO’s political views.


Number of the Day: 74%

WPBN (Traverse City, MI) – Seventy-four percent (74%) of voters consider healthcare to be a very important voting issue.


Number of the Day: 60

WLUK (Green Bay, WI) – Sixty years ago today—on August 21, 1959—Hawaii was admitted to the United States and became our country’s 50th state.


Number of the Day: 71%

KTUL (Tulsa, OK) – 71% of voters nationwide either have never heard of the BDS movement or don’t know enough about it to have an opinion.


Number of the Day: 80

KAEF (Eureka, CA) – Eighty years ago today, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Orville Wright’s birthday to be National Aviation Day.

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