Scott Rasmussen and HarrisX Launch Daily Tracking Poll

I’m thrilled to announce a partnership with HarrisX, a leading research company specializing in online surveys, to launch the Daily Tracking Poll (see the HarrisX release).

We’ve been interviewing 1,000 Registered Voters five nights a week since August 6 and are beginning to release the data today. My first column based on the data looks at a segment of the population most politically obsessed people can’t begin to comprehend: the 26% of voters who don’t think things would be much different if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election.

Each day, we’ll release 4 to 8 updates measuring both the political environment and the broader societal trends that drive the political process. Sign up HERE to receive a daily email update highlighting our latest results. Or follow our work on Facebook or  Twitter. You can also find the latest numbers in the top left corner of our home page  or listed in the right hand column on most other pages.

Earlier this morning, we released data on the Generic Ballot, the President’s Job Approval, Ratings of our Health Care System, something we call the Trump Spectrum, Favorability Ratings of Congressional Leaders, An Overview of Attitudes Towards Congress, and a measure of Trust in the Federal Government.

Later today, we’ll release data on the Supreme Court, the economy, perceptions of the president’s ethics, and more. Then, starting tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. Eastern, we’ll start all over again and release data on another 4 to 8 topics.

The mission of is to enhance the public dialogue through data-driven analysis that explores the underlying currents of public opinion.

For all surveys, publicly provides top-line results including the precise question wording used. Additionally, we provide detailed information on the demographic composition of the sample and significant cross-tabulation of results.

Learn more about the tracking poll, our methodology, and About Us.

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