Schumer Least Unpopular Congressional Leader

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is viewed favorably by 29% of voters nationwide and unfavorably by 37%. A national survey found that those numbers make the New York Democrat the least unpopular Congressional leader.

Schumer’s Republican counterpart, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is viewed favorably by 20% and unfavorably by 47%. House Speaker Paul Ryan earns positive reviews from 32% and negative reviews from 47%.

The most unpopular leader is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Thirty percent (30%) have a favorable opinion of hear while 49% hold the opposite view. Many Republican strategists believe that highlighting Pelosi in campaign ads may help Republican candidates in key races. She is viewed unfavorably by 60% of rural voters and 52% of suburban voters (see crosstabs).

Vice President Mike Pence is viewed favorably by 42% and unfavorably by 41%.

The national survey of 1,000 Registered Voters was conducted August 8-9, 2018 for by HarrisX, a leading research company specializing in online surveys (see Methodology and sample Demographics). It has a 3.1 percentage point Margin of Error  with a 95% level of confidence.

For this survey, included the individual’s title (i.e.–Vice President Mike Pence). On the following night, we ran the same survey questions but did not include their title. The results were not significantly different. On the unaided survey, the Republicans generally had unfavorables that were a few points lower and the favorables for Democrats were also a few points lower. It is likely that the difference was nothing more than statistical noise. As a result, we will use the titles in the question as we track these ratings on a monthly basis.

Related data shows that 38% of voters believe Congress is too conservative while  34% say too liberal. At the end of August, the Democrats have a 7-point advantage on the Generic Congressional Ballot.  We are currently updating these results on a weekly basis along with the President’s Job Approval Rating and a measure of trust in the federal government . Data is being collected daily and we will switch to daily releases in mid-September. We will also begin providing results among Likely Voters in the near future.

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Our research has shown the disconnect between the politically obsessed and most Americans. Additionally, 83% of voters recognize that tech titans have a bigger impact on the nation than presidents.

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