Public Wary About Tech Companies AND Government Oversight of Tech Companies

As reports circulate about the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice investigations of Amazon and Google, voters have mixed feelings about tech giants.

Over the next 25 years, 87% of voters believe Facebook will have to deal with significant competition that challenges its dominance. Half (52%) believe it is at least somewhat likely that the social media giant will actually go out of business during that time.

Voters also overwhelmingly believe that Google, Amazon, and Apple will face significant competition over the coming quarter of a century. However, most believe those companies will survive. Just 26% believe Apple will go out of business, 23% say the same about Google, and 20% think Amazon will disappear.

Other data shows that:

Related data shows that 64% believe it is more dangerous to let government to define hate speech than to allow inappropriate hate speech that offends many people. Additionally, 68% believe a too powerful government is a bigger threat than one with too little power.

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