Public Attitudes About Shutdown Remain Unchanged

As the partial shutdown of the federal government continues, public attitudes towards the political impasse are as stuck as the positions of the nation’s political leaders. Nobody’s opinion is shifting.

By a two-to-one margin, those aware of the shutdown think it’s more important to end the political dysfunction than to provide full funding for the border wall. However, Republican voters place a higher priority on the wall.

Most voters (51%) expect the shutdown to last a few more weeks. Sixteen percent (16%) think it will end sooner while 25% think it could last even longer. Nine percent (9%) are not aware there is currently a government shutdown.

In a national survey conducted Wednesday night and Thursday morning (January 1 and 10), 12% of voters nationwide said they have personally felt a major impact from the shutdown. That’s up a bit from 9% a week ago and 6% the week before. Another 16% claim to have experienced a minor impact. However, 72% have felt hardly any impact or no impact at all.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now viewed favorably by 41% of voters. That’s up five points from a week ago. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer saw both his positive and negative ratings increase by five points.


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