Most Democratic Primary Voters Open to Changing Their Mind About Preferred Candidate

Consider this an important reminder that the race for the Democratic presidential nomination remain quite fluid.

A national survey found that only 47% of Democratic Primary voters are unlikely to change their mind before voting. That includes just 16% who say they are Not at All likely to change their mind. The rest are Somewhat Unlikely to do so.

On the other side of the coin, 41% say that they do have a preference at the moment but are likely to change their mind before voting. AnotherĀ  12% are not sure if they might change their mind.

The survey of 884 Registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents was conducted October 16-18, immediately following the most recent presidential debate. Of that group, 745 expressed a preference for one of the candidates.

Among the frontrunners, 57% of Joe Biden’s supporters say they’re unlikely to change their mind. Fifty-six percent (56%) of Bernie Sanders voters say the same as do 53% of Warren supporters. Sample sizes for other candidates were too small to analyze.

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