Monthly Monitor: 79 Percent of Unemployed Are Confident in Finding a Job

Nearly 80 percent of Americans looking for work say it’s very likely or somewhat likely that they will find a job, according to the first Job Creators Network/ Monthly Monitor.

“This monthly survey will give us an unprecedented look at how job seekers and part-time workers view the economy,” said pollster Scott Rasmussen. “Our initial data shows a high level of confidence consistent with other indications of a strong economy.”

Also, according to the survey, only 27 percent of part-time workers are searching for a full-time job. According to Rasmussen, that’s an indication that most part-time employees prefer that status, at least currently.

“When we hear about part-time jobs in the media, there’s often a suggestion that most part-time employees would rather have full-time jobs. That doesn’t seem to be the case, based on this data,” he said.

The Monitor, which will be released every month on the Thursday before the official jobs report, provides detailed research on how Americans view the economy, much of it compiled from the weekly JCN/ Weekly Pulse. The cross tabs provide a breakdown on how different segments of the workforce see the economy and other issues, including politics.

“Over time, we’ll be able to detect some trends that other research doesn’t provide,” said Rasmussen. “This is our first survey, and I’m very excited to be partnered with the Job Creators Network on this project.”

Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Foundation, said the Monitor and the Pulse surveys will provide a steady stream of information and insights for policy makers, news organizations, business analysts, and academics.

“Our mission is public education, with a specific focus on small business and small business employees,” said Parker. “The Monitor and the Pulse give us insights on the economy that we are very proud to share.”

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