Mixed Reviews for Kavanaugh Following TV Interview

Prior to his nationally televised interview last night, daily tracking showed that news of a second allegation against Brett Kavanaugh pushed his ratings to new lows. Among those following the story at least a bit, just 45% had a favorable opinion of the nominee.  His ratings among all voters are even lower.

However, polling conducted on Monday night and Tuesday morning found that his ratings had bounced back a bit from their lows. Now, among those following the story at least a little, 50% have a favorable opinion of the Judge. That’s in the middle of the range we have found since we began tracking the confirmation process in August (see all questions and trends).

However, while Kavanaugh’s personal ratings bounced back a bit, there was no change in the number who want to see him confirmed. Among those following the story, 46% want him confirmed and 54% do not.

It’s also worth noting that interest in the confirmation process spiked in the most recent poll. Thirty-seven percent (37%) now say they are following news about Kavanaugh Very Closely. That’s the highest level of interest so far. The total includes 42% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats.

Just 13% are not paying attention at all (or are not sure). That’s down from 18% the night before and 20% a week ago.


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