Kavanugh Tracking: It’s All About Thursday

Brett Kavanaugh’s numbers are stable but troubled on the eve of a critical Judiciary Committee meeting scheduled for Thursday morning. Among those following the story, 48% have a favorable opinion of him and 52% an unfavorable view.

His numbers fell sharply earlier this week following accusations from a second woman, but partially rebounded after his television appearance on Monday night. One potentially troubling detail for the nominee is that the number with a Very Unfavorable view has increased in four consecutive nights of polling, going from 18% last Friday to 28% today (see all questions and trends).

Currently 47% of those following the story would like their Senator to confirm Kavanaugh. Seventy-three percent (73%) think he is at least somewhat likely to be confirmed.

Separate data shows that half of all voters have no opinion about Kavanaugh’s accuser. Twenty-five percent (25%) have a favorable opinion of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford while 25% hold an unfavorable view. However, only 28% have a strong opinion one way or the other (11% Very Favorable, 17% Very Unfavorable).

Among all voters, 37% have a favorable opinion of Kavanaugh while 41% express an unfavorable opinion.

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