Kavanaugh Ratings Fall Following Second Accusation

Despite some minor ups and downs, public opinion about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had remained fairly steady throughout the confirmation process. Neither the confirmation hearings nor the accusations from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had a significant impact on public opinion.

However, news of a second allegation against the Judge pushed his ratings to new lows. As of Monday, just 46% of those following the story want their Senator to vote for the confirmation of Kavanaugh. That’s down from 51% on Friday (see all questions and trends).

Polling conducted Sunday night and Monday morning found that, among those following the story at least a bit, just 45% have a favorable opinion of the nominee. That represents the lowest marks yet for the nominee and is down sharply from 53% favorable on Friday afternoon. It’s important to note that these ratings are only among those following the story. Kavanaugh’s favorables are lower among all voters.

The previous low for Kavanaugh favorability was recorded last week immediately after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford went public with her accusations against the nominee.

See the question wording and crosstabs for the Sunday-Monday poll.

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