How The Vaccinated See The Unvaccinated: In Their Own Words

In a survey conducted July 29-31, 2021, we asked vaccinated voters an open-ended question on their thoughts about the unvaccinated.

The responses are far less angry than you might expect from the media coverage.  A very large share of the respondents (more than 20%) basically say it’s the right of the unvaccinated to decide for themselves (see the raw responses from 659 vaccinated voters here).

Relatively few of the vaccinated expressed anger at the unvaccinated (although a handful wished the unvaccinated would die). Instead of anger, there are  many condescending comments about the perceived stupidity of the unvaccinated. Also, many comments about the unvaccinated being selfish, careless, or reckless.

Many also express a desire that the unvaccinated get vaccinated. Most such comments are fairly neutral. There were very few mentions of mandates.

Other recent survey data helps explain the lack of anger in the comments offered by vaccinated voters. Most (57%) are comfortable attending indoor social events without wearing a mask. Also, if they tested positive for COVID, 67% of voters think it’s they would recover quickly with only minor symptoms. Just 5% say such a recovery is Not at All Likely.

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