Harris Wins Debate Night 2

ScottRasmussen.com, in partnership with EyesOver, has been monitoring the Social Media Support of Democratic presidential hopefuls. Our results are updated daily at 4:30 a.m. Eastern each day.

However, those results are based upon the most recent four days of data.

To provide a look at the debates, the EyesOver team put together a summary view of social media chatter on Thursday night from 9:00 to midnight Eastern time. The table above shows both the volume of the chatter and the positive/negative nature of it. A score above “0” means generally positive chatter. A score below that level means generally negative.

The numbers suggest that Senator Kamala Harris was the “winner” on Thursday night, with high volume of interest and generally positive chatter. Former Vice President Joe Biden appears to be the “loser” based on high volume and more negative chatter.

Coming into the debates, Biden was the clear frontrunner. Our first poll based entirely upon interviews conducted after the debates will be released on Sunday, June 30.

On Wednesday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren was the “winner” and former Congressman Beto O’Rourke the “loser.”

See our four-day rolling average of Social Media Support, updated each morning.

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