Growing Interest In The Kavanaugh Confirmation Process

In a poll conducted Thursday night and Friday morning, 34% of voters nationwide say they are Very Closely following news about Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation process. That’s up from 29% the day before and 27% two days earlier (see full set of questions and trends).

However, nothing else has really changed. Among those following the story at least a bit, 53% have a favorable opinion of Kavanaugh, 51% want to see him confirmed, and 81% think it is at least Somewhat Likely to be confirmed.

Overall, 25% have a Very Favorable opinion of the Judge while 18% have a Very Unfavorable opinion. Before the allegations were made those numbers were 22% and 18% respectively.

All of this polling was completed before Dr. Ford had decided whether or not to testify at a Judiciary Committee hearing next week. We will poll on this topic again on Sunday night and Monday morning. Data will be released on Monday afternoon.

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