President Trump Job Approval 48%; Disapproval 52%

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Forty-eight percent (48%) of Registered Voters nationwide approve of the way that President Trump is handling his job while 52% disapprove. These results, based upon a full week of polling from December 2-7, are unchanged from a week ago and at the high end of a very narrow range measured for several months.

Those totals include 26% Strongly Approve and 37% Strongly Disapprove (see crosstab results). Job Approval surveys do not offer a “Not Sure” response option. Other polls typically show about 5 percent of responses fall into that category (see Real Clear Politics). As a result,  both the Approval and Disapproval numbers appear to be a couple of points higher in our surveys than they would for comparable surveys.

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 This Job Approval data is based upon a survey of 5,018 Registered Voters conducted December 2-7, 2018 by and HarrisX, a leading research firm specializing in online surveys (see Methodology).

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