Fairness and the Role of Government

Today we released data showing that Americans are sharply divided over the question of whether our economic system is fair. And, earlier, we showed that Americans view income inequality as a bigger problem than racial, gender, or generational inequality.

We also reported on some data showing strong support for Elizabeth Warren’s proposals to address government corruption. We’ll be releasing data on response to her corporate reform proposals as well.

Over the coming weeks and months, ScottRasmussen.com will continue to explore these issues and how people think they should best be addressed. It will inevitably address questions surrounding the role of government, business, the civic sector, family, and neighborhood volunteerism.

As we explore these topics, it’s almost certain that everyone will disagree with some of the public perceptions. However, it’s also likely that we’ll find a lot of common ground to build upon. American society is far less polarized than American politics.


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