Enhancing The Public Dialogue With A Thoughtful Response

Our mission at ScottRasmussen.com is to enhance the public dialogue with data driven analysis. Today, I’m happy to share an anecdote about one healthy public conversation.

A few weeks ago, my weekly syndicated column appeared in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Building upon our polling data, I noted “the inability of the politically obsessed to understand the majority of Americans.” I also noted that if often seems “as if the politically engaged don’t even want to understand the rest of the country.”

I was pleasantly surprised to see a rebuttal by a Minnetonka resident named Maria Klein. She found my data interesting but disagreed with my assessment that the “politically obsessed” are the problem. In her view, the problem is that the rest of the country “is somewhat passive, under- or misinformed, and apparently oblivious to the responsibilities of citizenship.”

What I liked about her column was the tone. It was friendly, thoughtful, and articulated a different point of view. I don’t know Maria but based on her response believe we could sit down to a pleasant conversation and find lots of common ground. We’d probably still disagree on some things, of course, but mostly it would be differences of degree. And, I’m sure we’d each learn something from the other.

Thank you Maria.

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