NEW SERVICE: Social Media Monitoring of President Trump has launched an exciting new social media monitoring service. Every 15 minutes, we will update the both the favorability and intensity of feeling found on social media chatter about President Trump. We also provide the ability to explore trends over time.

This is not a poll, so the scale goes from +1 to -1. A plus one would mean that every social media mention was strongly favorable to the president. A 0 means that the positive and negative comments are evenly balanced. The president’s job approval ratings are a bit negative these days (below 50-50) and the president’s social media ratings are also a bit negative (below 0).

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this monitor is that we show the words coming up on social media related to the president. There are separate columns for words used by supporters and opponents of the president. Given the nature of the news cycle, many terms are similar on both sides. But it’s often revealing to see which words are different and which rank as a higher priority for one side or the other.

Please visit our Social Media Monitoring page and let us know what you think. We’ll be rolling out a second page soon focusing on the Democratic presidential hopefuls.

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