About Us

The mission of ScottRasmussen.com is to enhance the public dialogue through data-driven analysis that explores the underlying currents of public opinion.

Our overall approach is based upon the reality that governing society is not the responsibility of government alone. Every organization and relationship has a role to play as our individual actions drive the pace and direction of change. In a world where the culture leads and politics lag behind, we believe it is more important to understand the nuances and objectives of public attitudes rather than temporary political preferences.

Our data analysis is based upon great respect for the common-sense wisdom of the American people. If, for example, most people don’t know who represents them in Congress, we conclude that such knowledge is of little value to them. If the answers to two questions seem inconsistent from a political perspective, we assume that the political perspective is missing something important.

By focusing on underlying attitudes and respecting the opinions of the general public, we find that there is far more common ground in American society than in American politics. Our mission to enhance the public dialogue is based largely upon a fear that the divisive political atmosphere will continue to harm American society. We believe that focusing on common ground in a respectful manner can, over time, help to create a less toxic political system, one that is more worthy of the society it serves.