81% Say Spiritual Faith Important; 70% Say Same About Religion

ScottRasmussen.com conducted a split sample survey to highlight the importance of question wording on the topic of faith and religion. Five hundred Registered Voters nationwide were asked about the importance of spiritual faith in their daily life. Eighty-one percent (81%) said it was somewhat or very important.

Another 500 were asked the same question at the same time. For this group, however, the words “spiritual faith” were replaced with “religion.” Among this sample, just 70% said it was somewhat or very important.

The number saying Very Important was essentially the same in both samples: 44% for spiritual life and 41% for religion. But there was an eight-point on the number considering it somewhat important: 37% for spiritual life and 29% for religion.

Ten percent (10%) say Spiritual Faith is not at all important. Sixteen percent (16%) of voters say the same about religion.

Data released earlier today showed that 59% are absolutely certain that God exists.

The national survey of 1,000 Registered Voters was conducted August 8-9, 2018 for ScottRasmussen.com by HarrisX, a leading research company specializing in online surveys (see Methodology and sample Demographics). It has a 3.1 percentage point Margin of Error  with a 95% level of confidence.

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Our research has shown the disconnect between the politically obsessed and most Americans. Additionally, 83% of voters recognize that tech titans have a bigger impact on the nation than presidents.

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