77% Expect 2019 to Be Good or Excellent Year

In terms of their own personal life, 77% of voters expect 2019 will be a good or an excellent year. A ScottRasmussen.com poll found that 19% expect a fair year while 5% say poor.

Looking back on 2018, 56% had a good or excellent year. However, 31% said the year was just fair and 12% had a poor year.

On a personal basis, just 35% of black voters rated the past year as good or excellent. That is well below the 59% of white voters and 55% of Hispanic voters who gave 2018 such high marks. Looking ahead, however, black Americans are just as optimistic about 2019 as everybody else (see crosstab results).

Seventy-three percent (73%) of Republicans say 2018 was a good or excellent year for them personally. Just 55% of Independents and 45% of Democrats were that upbeat. Looking to 2019, 86% of Republicans expect a good or excellent year. So do 72% of Independents and 71% of Democrats.

Assessments for the United States as a whole were not quite as upbeat as the personal reviews. Forty-six percent (46%) of all voters believe the year we are leaving behind was good or excellent for the country. Thirty-six percent (36%) say fair and 19% poor.

Hopes for the new year are modestly more optimistic. Fifty-six percent (56%) expect 2019 to be a good or excellent year, 31% say fair, and 13% poor.

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