54% of Those Out Working Believe Lockdowns Did More Harm Than Good

Among workers having in-person interaction with customers and co-workers, 54% believe that the lockdowns have done more harm than good. However, among workers who are socially isolated, 62% take the opposite view. The socially isolated workers have no in person interaction with customers and co-workers.

Among all workers, 40% believe the lockdowns did more harm than good while 53% disagree.

A Ballotpedia national survey of 1,764 working Americans also found a significant gap between these groups on perceptions of the economy.  Those out working are evenly divided as to whether the economy is getting better or worse. Among the socially isolated workers, however, perceptions are decidedly more pessimistic. By a 47% to 30% margin these workers believe the economy is getting worse.


To accomplish this, we asked a series of standard pandemic-related questions in national survey interviews with 1,746 working Americans. The interviews were conducted between May 28 and June 6, 2020.

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