46% Believe Trump Likely to Be Re-Elected

Forty-six percent (46%) of voters nationwide believe President Trump is likely to be re-elected in 2020. A ScottRasmussen.com national survey found that 54% disagree and believe he is unlikely to win another election.

Those figures include 18% who think Trump is Very Likely to win the next presidential and 23% who say he is Not At All Likely to win.

Perceptions on this question are closely tied to attitudes about the president. Among those who approve of his performance, 81% think he is likely to be re-elected. Among those who disapprove, 82% think another Trump victory is unlikely (see crosstab results).

These results highlight a reality described in my latest book that only 40% of what we see comes in through our eyes. Sixty percent (60%), the majority, comes from what we expect to see.

That phenomenon was also on display recently in an incident involving Covington High School students. Liberal and conservative voters saw the exact same videos and came away with entirely different perceptions.

Other data released recently showed that 48% of voters believe President Trump is at least as ethical as most politicians. His job approval rating, updated daily, has remained in the low 40s over the past month or so.

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The national survey of 1,000 Registered Voters was conducted February 3-4, 2019 by ScottRasmussen.com and HarrisX, a polling company specializing in online surveys (see Methodology). It has a +/- 3.1 percentage point Margin of Error with a 95% level of confidence.

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