42% of Those Online Constantly Are Democrats, Just 27% Are Republicans

Among voters who are online almost constantly, 42% are Democrats. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 27% and 31% are unaffiliated with either major party.

This helps explain why so many social media platforms appear to be supportive of political views that are far more progressive than the nation at large. Among the rest of the nation’s voters, Republicans actually have a modest advantage. Thirty-six percent (36%) of those who aren’t constantly online align with the GOP. Just 32% align with the Democrats.

Not surprisingly, this result is reflected in Generic Congressional Ballot polling as well. Democrats enjoy a 17-point lead among those online constantly. The GOP has a slight advantage among all other voters.

The Pew Center recently reported that 31% of American adults are online almost constantly. The numbers are slightly higher among Registered Voters.

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Note: Neither Scott Rasmussen, ScottRasmussen.com, nor RMG Research, Inc. have any affiliation with Rasmussen Reports. While Scott Rasmussen founded that firm, he left more than seven years ago and has had no involvement since that time.


The survey of 1,200 Registered Voters was conducted by Scott Rasmussen using a mixed mode approach from April 15-17, 2021. Field work for the survey was conducted by RMG Research, Inc. Most respondents were contacted online or via text while 261 were contacted using automated phone polling techniques. Online respondents were selected from a list of Registered Voters and through a process of Random Digital Engagement. Certain quotas were applied, and the sample was lightly weighted by geography, gender, age, race, education, internet usage, and political party to reasonably reflect the nation’s population of Registered Voters. Other variables were reviewed to ensure that the final sample is representative of that population.

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