39% Trust Democrats on Economy, 38% Trust Republicans

When it comes to the economy, voters are evenly divided as to which party they trust more. A Ballotpedia national survey found that 39% trust Democrats more while 38% trust the GOP. The survey of 1,000 Registered Voters also found that 14% don’t trust either party and 9% are not sure.

There is an interesting gap among working Americans based upon how they are currently working. Those workers who have no personal interaction with either customers or co-workers trust Democrats more than Republicans by a 45% to 27% margin. However, among those who regularly have in-person contact with both customers and co-workers, the opposite is true. Fifty-two percent (52%) of those who are out working trust Republicans more while just 34% have more confidence in Democrats.

Ballotpedia will continue to explore the gap between these groups of workers in the coming weeks.



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