27% View Economy, Health Care as Top Voting Issues

Twenty-seven percent (27%) of voters name the economy as the top voting issue in the upcoming presidential election. A JustTheNews.com survey conducted by Scott Rasmussen found that an identical number–27%– say health care is the top issue.

Those numbers reflect a growing concern about health care over the past month. In June, a Ballotpedia survey found that 30% named the economy as most important while just 17% said health care.  That’s a 10 point gain in the importance of health care.

For Independent voters, health care is now the top issue. A month ago, they were more concerned about the economy.

Currently, 12% say Law and Order is the top issue, little changed from a month ago.

Eleven percent (11%) now see Civil Rights as the top issue, down five points from last month.

 Overall, in naming the top issue, voters are evenly divided between issues that generally favor Democrats (health care, Civil Rights, income inequality, and the environment) and those that generally favor Republicans (economy, law and order, immigration, and freedom of speech). However, while the Republicans started the year with a clear advantage on the economy, that has faded amidst the pandemic lockdowns.

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