26% Believe Little Would Be Different If Clinton Was President

Mark Penn recently observed that “You don’t need polls to see the America you live in.” That’s not their purpose. Instead, “you need polls to understand the part of America you don’t know, don’t see, and don’t understand.”

In that spirit, my first column based upon data from the ScottRasmussen.com Daily Tracking Poll looks at a segment of the population that the politically obsessed can’t begin to understand. Twenty-six percent (26%) of Registered Voters nationwide don’t believe things would all that different in the country today if Hillary Clinton was president.

Most Americans reject the political world view of the midterm elections as a fight between good and evil that will determine the fate of the nation.

This research is intended to enhance the public dialogue through data driven analysis that explores the underlying currents of public opinion.

Our overall approach is based upon the reality that governing society is not the responsibility of government alone. Every organization and relationship has a role to play as our individual actions drive the pace and direction of change. In a world where the culture leads and politics lag behind, we believe it is more important to understand the nuances and objectives of public attitudes rather than temporary political preferences (read more About Us).

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