24% Believe Dramatic Increases in Government Spending Needed to Fight Climate Change

To solve the major problems associated with global warming, 37% of voters believe it is necessary to eliminate the use of oil, natural gas, and other carbon-based fuels. A ScottRasmussen.com survey found that 36% disagree and 27% are not sure.

The survey also found that 24% believe solving the major problems associated with global warming will require dramatically increasing government spending. On that point, 45% disagree and 31% are not sure.

Each of these questions was asked in two ways. One half of the survey respondents were asked “To solve the major problems associated with global warming, is it necessary to” implement a particular policy. The other half was asked “Is it possible to solve the major problems associated with global warming without” implementing a policy. When it came to carbon based fuels and government spending, there was no significant difference in the results.

However, on the question of regulations, the two questions produced different results. Fifty percent (50%) said that addressing global warming will require major new regulations forcing Americans to alter their lifestyle. However, just 38% said it was impossible to address global warming without such regulations (see question wording and crosstab results).

Other data from the survey found that just 39% expect that new government policies will address the major problem associated with climate change. However, 57% believe it’s likely that new technologies will be developed to address the challenges.

Data released earlier showed that just 18% of voters nationwide believe the threat of climate change makes it necessary to give the federal government sweeping new powers to control the economy. Such results are consistent with data released earlier showing that 24% of voters believe climate change is the biggest threat facing are nation today. Additionally, just 20% of voters believe the nation needs more federal regulations. Most (56%) believe there are already too many.

The new survey confirms earlier data showing 76% consider climate change/global warming is a serious problem. Sixty-five percent (65%) believe it is primarily caused by human activity.



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