Dem Candidate Social Media Monitoring

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Every day, presents a data analysis of social media support for the Democratic candidates. Check here regularly to get a different perspective on how social media perceives the candidates in terms of basic support, public sentiment, and "hot topic" of discussion. methodology

30-Day Support History

The graph below shows a 30-day history of the current top five candidates based on social media activity and data
last updated at 04:30EST on 05-20-2019

Today's Support Breakdown

last updated at 04:30EST on 05-20-2019

Today's Candidate Data

last updated at 04:30EST on 05-20-2019
Candidate Name Support Percentage Social Sentiment Score Hot Topic
Joe Biden19.4% -0.0177Security Issues
Elizabeth Warren14.6% 0.1226Abortion Rights
Bernie Sanders14.6% -0.0064Abortion Rights
Kamala Harris11.4% 0.0079Abortion Rights
Pete Buttigieg10.9% 0.0491Abortion Rights
Beto O'Rourke6.2% 0.0555Climate change
Eric Swalwell3.7% -0.0345Impeachment
Cory Booker3.1% 0.0097Abortion Rights
Tulsi Gabbard2.9% 0.0424Mueller Report
Amy Klobuchar2.1% -0.0677Abortion Rights
Kirsten Gillibrand1.8% -0.0909Abortion Rights
Jay Inslee1.5% 0.0258Climate change
Brian Schatz1.1% -0.0219Impeachment
Chris Murphy0.8% -0.0143Impeachment
Andrew Yang0.8% 0.1345Climate change
Marianne Williamson0.7% 0.138Healthcare Issues
Mike Gravel0.6% -0.0184Foreign Terrorism
Steve Bullock0.6% -0.0302Abortion Rights
Seth Moulton0.6% -0.0453Education
Julian Castro0.5% 0.1048Impeachment
Michael Bennet0.5% 0.0935Healthcare Issues
Jeff Merkley0.5% -0.1143Immigration Issues
Tim Kaine0.2% 0.0273Climate change
John Hickenlooper0.2% -0.1541Energy Production
Tim Ryan0.2% 0.0244LGTBQ Rights
Roy Cooper0.2% 0.0939Immigration Policy
John Delaney0.1% -0.0805Climate change
Maggie Hassan0% -0.2541Impeachment

Leader History

Date Top 5
05-17-2019Joe Biden(17.95) - Abortion Rights
Elizabeth Warren(17.16) - Abortion Rights
Bernie Sanders(12.11) - Abortion Rights
Kamala Harris(11.75) - Abortion Rights
Pete Buttigieg(8.69) - Abortion Rights
05-10-2019Joe Biden(19.24) - Healthcare Issues
Bernie Sanders(13.64) - Fiscal Policy
Elizabeth Warren(12.04) - Impeachment
Pete Buttigieg(10.97) - Healthcare Issues
Kamala Harris(9.74) - Mueller Report
05-03-2019Joe Biden(18.17) - Mueller Report
Kamala Harris(15.65) - Mueller Report
Pete Buttigieg(11.38) - Taxation
Elizabeth Warren(10.55) - Mueller Report
Bernie Sanders(10.54) - Medicare
04-26-2019Joe Biden(25.36) - Candidacy
Pete Buttigieg(15.13) - LGTBQ Rights
Bernie Sanders(12.16) - Foreign Terrorism
Elizabeth Warren(11.59) - Universities
Beto O'Rourke(10.55) - Immigration Policy
04-19-2019Pete Buttigieg(22.24) - Mueller Report
Bernie Sanders(17.57) - Mueller Report
Beto O'Rourke(13.97) - Mueller Report
Joe Biden(12.69) - Mueller Report
Elizabeth Warren(6.44) - Mueller Report
04-12-2019Pete Buttigieg(16.01) - LGTBQ Rights
Joe Biden(15.81) - Medicare
Beto O'Rourke(15.29) - Education
Bernie Sanders(14.21) - Medicare
Elizabeth Warren(6.6) - Taxation
04-05-2019Joe Biden(24.06) - Gender Equality
Beto O'Rourke(16.44) - Immigration Policy
Pete Buttigieg(14.32) - Abortion Rights
Bernie Sanders(11.79) - Taxation
Kamala Harris(6.36) - Immigration Policy
03-29-2019Beto O'Rourke(16.71) - Medicare
Joe Biden(14.73) - Health Issues
Pete Buttigieg(13.59) - LGTBQ Rights
Bernie Sanders(11.92) - Health Issues
Kamala Harris(9.28) - Health Issues
03-22-2019Beto O'Rourke(21.12) - Abortion Rights
Joe Biden(17.26) - Racial Equality
Bernie Sanders(12.71) - Gun Control
Pete Buttigieg(9.77) - Climate change
Elizabeth Warren(7.49) - Health Issues
03-15-2019Beto O'Rourke(28.73) - Security Issues
Joe Biden(18.15) - Racial Equality
Bernie Sanders(11.58) - Health Issues
Pete Buttigieg(8.28) - Foreign Terrorism
Elizabeth Warren(7.52) - Climate change
03-08-2019Joe Biden(20.89) - Health Issues
Bernie Sanders(18.49) - Health Issues
Elizabeth Warren(11.52) - Health Issues
Kamala Harris(9.01) - Climate change
Beto O'Rourke(6.89) - Climate change
03-01-2019Bernie Sanders(22.61) - Individual Rights
Joe Biden(22.4) - LGTBQ Rights
Beto O'Rourke(13.86) - Climate change
Kamala Harris(9.88) - Gender Equality
Jay Inslee(5.22) - Climate change